About Us

Photo of the Shiny Things team

Hi, we’re Shiny Things! We are a team of designers, developers, researchers and educators based in Sydney, Australia. We’re dedicated to creating apps for kids that are simple, engaging, innovative, and packed full of great educational content. We love seeing children the world over enjoy our apps!

Shiny Things apps are:

Ralph the griaffe with a magnifying glass


We build well-crafted apps that meet our own strict standards of quality but remain affordable.

A stack of blocks with the letters ABC


We make apps that are straight-forward and easy for kids (and their parents!) to use.

Alice the zebra using an iPad

Educational and Fun

We carefully develop age-appropriate educational content that doesn’t compromise on engagement.

Charlie the Monkey in a circus stunt canon


We respect your privacy, and our education apps do not collect personal information or contain third-party advertising.

A friendly-looking circus lion


We love to hear your feedback. Don’t worry, we don’t bite. Please get in touch!

Charlie the monkey hanging upside down surrounded by leaves


We use 100% renewable energy to make and sell our apps.