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Boost Arithmetic Skills

Quick Math improves arithmetic fluency and promotes development of mental strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and mixed operations. Perfect for ages 6 – 12.

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Practice Handwriting

Quick Math improves your child’s handwriting skills and strengthens muscle memory, promoting transference of their new skills to traditional classroom tasks.

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Track Progress

With a focus on self-improvement, Quick Math provides individual feedback on your child’s progress as they develop arithmetic skills at their own pace.

Quick Math Jr is a mathematics learning app designed to give children the experiences with number they need to develop a strong number sense.

Children have a strong number sense when they understand what number means. Number sense development in the early years has a big impact on future mathematics achievement, so it’s important for preschool children to have a lot of practice.

Children develop number sense over time, through different experiences with number. There are many different concepts that go into building a strong number sense, including understanding of:

Quick Math Jr helps children develop their number sense with fun games that adapt to your child’s current level of knowledge.

Quick Math Jr is aligned with preschool and kindergarten curriculums, and helps children progress from beginner counting games to formal addition and subtraction. Quick Math Jr even recognises your child’s handwriting, so children also practice handwriting skills as they progress from tracing numbers to handwriting their answers on screen.